Light It Blue – The Sea Center, Santa Barbara

Photographs by David Gala

In honor of Essential Workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we bathed the Santa Barbara Sea Center in blue light and projection. The effort was part of the national and international #makeitblue and #lightitblue campaigns.

It was quite a collaboration: Andy Gartner of GDC acted as producer, Nina Johnson of Santa Barbara City Administration was co-Producer and liaison with the City. The lighting and projection schedule was created by Jonathan Smith of The Environment Makers. The on site team members were Jonathan Smith and Kym Cochran of The Environment Makers, Ethan Turpin and Andy Gartner of AGD. Lighting was supplied by Bella Vista Designs, The Environment Makers, Lucidity Festival and Fishbon. Projection was supplied by The Environment Makers and Ethan Turpin. Luke Swetland, Director of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History very kindly gave the go ahead to light up the Sea Center. Richard Smalldon, the Sea Center Director, avidly helped with electricity and made some excellent suggestions on lighting. Nels Anderson and Karl Treiberg of Stearns Wharf went out of their way to supply the main power, set up barriers and turn off all offending surround lighting. A special thanks to David Gala and Matt Straka for photographing the event.

putting up lights

Jonathan Smith putting up lights.


front of house

The Wet Deck bathed in blue.


Kym Cochran and Ethan Turpin

Kym Cochran and Ethan Turpin adjusting a projector.


The length of the Sea Center

The Sea Center in blue.


Projection around the octopus

Projected water patterns surrounding the octopus.


Projected jellyfish

Projected jellyfish.

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