Starfield Galaxy

Starfield Galaxy was made for the 2014 Lucidity Festival. It was created by strapping slow moving Starfield Lasers to bamboo poles over the main roadway through the festival ground.  For maximum effect, we deliberately overlapped the lasers and used the dust from the road and a strategically placed haze machine to make it three dimensional.

Starfield Galaxy at Lucidity 2014 from JOn Smith on Vimeo.



Reviews of Starfield Galaxy on Lucidity Festival Facebook page

Richard Wesela: Totally awesome!!!

Sugar Bean: Vapors in the light were uhhhhhmazing

Alec Everhart: Lazer forest

Andrew Germer: I called it lazer hallway and went in circles for fun

Chelsea Lyon: My favorite thing to explore at night!

Allie T.: this was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever experienced!!! i will never forget late late night spacelacing in there when suddenly i entered the jedi matrix training simulator program

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