SBCAST, Santa Barbara, California

Animated, overlapping grid patterns projected on the rectilinear walls of SBCAST in Santa Barbara for opening night.
Photo by Lydia Jablonski

Architexture at the SBCAST Opening

For the SBCAST opening on February 27, 2016, we planned on projecting the entire exterior entry and courtyard of the complex. It meant using 13 projectors to create the full effect. The first job was to look at projector placement and frame size. For that we used the projectors’ native grid frames to see where and how imagery would interface with the walls . And lo, the grids looked amazing! The buildings are very rectilinear, almost Bauhaus in their style, and overlaid grid patterns completely messed with them in the most satisfying manner. Initially it seemed like a cop out using nothing more than moving grids but, my god, it worked well. The trick was to keep the grids as simple as possible and let the effects of overlaid, phased video and perspective do the work of keeping it interesting all night.

Photo by Matt Straka
Photo by Matt Straka
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