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Light It Forward – El Presidio de Santa Barbara

Bryan and Rachel filling holes in the mine entrance walls
rare earth at the SBMNH


Rare Earth

June 11 through September 5

Fleischmann Auditorium, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

The strange and wondrous world of minerals is on full display at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s exhibition “Rare Earth”. 

To heighten the sense of wonder, The Environment Makers were asked to create a mine entrance into the Fleischmann Auditorium. Made using forms, kinetic sand and expanding foam, the walls of the entrance look and feel like the real thing.


Six Feet of Burning Ground

NEW: webpage about the making of “Six Feet”.

“Six Feet of Burning Ground” is at The Wildling Museum in Solvang. The show, “Fire and Ice” explores our changing climate with an emphasis on melting ice and burning forests.

Six feet of Burning Ground looks at the impact of wildfire. Imagine that the intense flames of a forest fire had just passed through a region of dense foliage. Having inexplicably survived the devastation, some brave soul dug out six square feet of still-smoldering ground, magically helicoptered to a museum and dropped it in the middle of a gallery.

Kym fixing the corners on Six Feet of Burning Ground.

The piece combines the talents of theming artist Kym Cochran and projectionist Jonathan PJ Smith, the two founding members of The Environment Makers, with a backdrop by collaborator Ethan Turpin. The substrate of the sculpture is composed of actual artifacts from local wildfires: branches, burnt out tree stumps, ground debris and ashes.

Fire and Ice is open to the public Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday every week.The show closes toward the end of September.

Kym adding the finishing touches


Sunflowers on State

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings are now at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. To honor this singular event, we were commissioned by the Santa Barbara County Office of Arts and Culture to create 6 over-sized sunflowers for State Street. 

Lead by artist Kym Cochran of The Environment Makers, all 6 are now on location. To see more, please visit our Sunflowers on State webpage.

The sunflower heads were painted by students at 6 different schools in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area.

It basically took a village to create this community arts project. Below are the sponsors and donors. We’d like to wholeheartedly thanks them all.

Sunflowers on State can be viewed at Carrillo and State (2), Figueroa and State (1), Anapamu and State (2) and Victoria and State (1).

“Kelp” at The Sea Center on Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, CA


Kelp Projection at The Sea Center

“Kelp”is now up and running at The Sea Center on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara. It’s a 3 projector, mapping/blending affair using imagery from underwater filmmakers Howard Hall Productions.

To see more click here.


Projectors are lights with super powers. Instead of simply illuminating a space they can give texture, depth and, above all, meaning.

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Even the best sculpture in the world is just something to stumble into at night if it's not lit up. If you're going to light it, make it fun, which is exactly what we've been doing with unique lighting installations and well placed lasers.

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Theming is what creates theme parks and is the next level of faux finishing. It can turn a living room into a canyon in Utah .

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