Isla Vista, California
A person examining large, projected, aquatic insects at the edge of Tulle Falls
Photo by Jonathan PJ Smith

Tulle Falls

Getting the footage for Tulle Falls involved going into the Santa Barbara front country armed with filming equipment that included a couple of white, plastic dishing washing tubs and small nets. The variety pack of aquatic insects we discovered was astounding and revealing. How many times had we crossed over those streams with only the vaguest idea of what was living in them? Now we know.

Using four projectors and a scaffold, we transformed a patch of bare ground into a waterfall flowing into two projected pools filled with oversized versions of the creatures. During the three nights that Tulle Falls was on display, children raced around chasing the bugs while people waded through the pools and sat under the waterfall. In reality, there was nothing there but concrete and light. It showed the power of projection.

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