Santa Barbara, California
Voodoo Lounge: projected fire all over the place. It was hot!
Photos by Jonathan PJ Smith

Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge 2017 was a fundraiser for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

We talked to DJ Scott Topper and Zohe Felici of Felici Events about the setup and worked on the projection and imagery around that.

Projecting fire seemed like a good idea but it had to be fire that was different from the norm. At Carpinteria Beach, we made a bonfire and filmed it at 240 frames per second to capture slow, sexy licks of flame. In post-production, we layered these flames on top of each other and created a type of fire that doesn’t exist in nature. Using short and medium throw projectors we immersed the venue in flames. One of them reacted to the music.

Naturally, just doing fire projection wasn’t enough. We also made a sculptural piece using five funky masks that Clay and Laura Bodine of Fishbon del Sur created for an event many years ago. These were assembled with old cloth to make a small crowd of five ghoulish figurines. We live projection mapped their faces with video textures to bring them to life with patterns on their eyes and mouths that moved to the beat.

Video mapped masks for Voodoo Lounge
Voodoo Lounge Fire Bar
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