The inspiration to create art for projection, lighting, and/or theming can come from anywhere, however, nature is always the best teacher.

The Monarch Butterflies of Ellwood

Every year, Monarch Butterflies gather at Ellwood, Goleta to begin their migration. Click here to see more.

Iceland: Land of Fire, Ice and Extraordinary Scenery

Spectacular, peculiar, and worth every ounce of the effort. It’s almost like nature doing experiments. Click here to see more.

The East Side of Mono Lake

The east shore of Mono Lake is a difficult place to get to but well worth the effort. Click here to see more.

The Western Deserts at Night

The western deserts of the USA are one of our favorite places to explore. When night falls and the stars come out, they remain magnificent but in a completely different way. Click here to see more.

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